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We provide professionally trained bar staff for hire for all types of New York City events. Our talented bartenders have knowledge of how to prepare any drink, and they bring all of their bar equipment with them such as cocktail shakers, bottle pourers, bottle openers and corkscrews. We can also accommodate special drink requests, such as frozen margaritas or smoothies, as long as we have advanced notice. In addition, we have a wide range of bar equipment available for rent to provide you with everything you need to stage a bar at your next event. Items for rent include everything from large portable bars to individual glasses.

The bartenders hourly rates are $25/hr.

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Wait staff and bartending service in New York City.

Bartending service includes

Bartenders for all occasions in New York City and all Tri-State area.
1. Set up

- Set up bar station with all necessary materials and ice
- Arrange glassware in an aesthetic fashion
- Prepare garnishes (cut lemons, prepare mix drinks, etc.)

2. Service

- Mix and pour drinks
- Blend cold drinks
- Squeeze fresh juices

3. Breakdown

- Pack all supplies into original boxes
- Thoroughly clean the bar area
- Stock rental bar equipment

Bar supplies & equipment needed

Bartenders for all occasions in New York City and all Tri-State area.

Bartenders for all occasions in New York City and all Tri-State area.

Bar Setup

Bar Setup

Each section below covers a different aspect of bartending. Section one includes the basic terms and ingredients used to stock a bar. Section two provides a comprehensive list of bartending equipment. Section three lists the various types of glassware available for party rental.

1. Bar stock

Prior to the event , choose which mixed drinks you will offer your guests and create list of all of the supplies needed for each.

Essential Party Drink Checklist:

- Liquor: Include liquor that your guests prefer, if known. Otherwise, create a liquor list from your favorite alcoholic drinks . If you're still undecided on the types of drinks to serve, include the basics such as vodka, whiskey, rum, scotch, gin, tequila and vermouth, and our bartenders will create their own combination of mixed drinks for you.
- Mixers: Mixers are one of the most vital parts of any cocktail party. Although there are many, some of the most common mixers include tonic water, carbonated water, lemon-lime seltzer and ginger ale.
- Garnishes: Provide the finishing touch to any drink with the right garish. Common garnishes include lemon and lime wedges, olives, Maraschino cherries and lemon peels.
- Ice: We recommend having at least 1 pound of ice cubes per guest. Plan for more ice during warm weather.

You can find all of these items in the bar supplies section.

2. Bar equipment

Successful events start with a well-equipped bar that contains the appropriate tools. In addition tools must be durable and of high-quality. Below is a list of the essential bar equipment that is needed for most events.

- Portable bar or table with linen
- Ice bucket
- Ice scoop
- Cutting board
- Bar spoon
- Sharp knife
- Strainer
- Bar towels
- Blender
- Juice squeezer

All bar equipment is available for rent from our barware rentals website.

3. Glassware

Glassware comes in numerous shapes and sizes, with many having a specific purpose. Ensuring that drinks are served in the proper glass provides a higher quality experience for guests. This also enhances their view of your event or establishment.

- Beer mug
- Brandy snifter
- Champagne flute
- Cocktail glass
- Highball glass
- Hurricane glass
- Margarita/coupette glass
- Old-fashioned glass
- Sherry glass
- Shot glass
- Red & White wine glass

Glassware is available for rent from our glassware rentals website.

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