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Party Waiters LLC specializes in on-call catering staffing. We provide wait staff, bartenders and barbecue grillers to caterers, corporate events and private residential parties in New York City.

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Employment of Party Waiters LLC.


We require one year of experience in catering, banquet or restaurant service in a fine dining establishment for all wait staff and bartenders. Additionally, bartenders must be cross-trained and willing to do service work in addition to bar work. Barbecue grillers must be either currently enrolled in or hold a degree from a culinary arts program OR have a minimum of one year restaurant and/or catering experience. Barbecue grillers must also own a set of kitchen tools and proper kitchen attire.
We require all new hires to maintain professional grooming and appearance standards. Additionally, all hires must present a positive attitude, friendly disposition and personal transportation to and from events. Punctuality is a requirement; lateness is not an option. We offer temporary work for weekdays and during the weekend. If you'd like flexible part-time income and you enjoy working at fun, exciting special events, please submit a New Staff Application below!



Vest - women's plain black vest
Tie - plain long black tie
Shirt - women's plain black shirt
Tuxedo Pants - black
Shoes - women's plain black shoes

Woman Staff Uniform


Vest - men's plain black vest
Tie - plain long black tie
Shirt - men's plain black shirt
Tuxedo Pants - black
Shoes - men's plain black shoes

Man Staff Uniform

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