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Client Feedback

We believe that communication with our customers is essential. We take our jobs seriously, and here at Party Waiters our mantra is, "constant re-evaluation, with the help of your feedback, allows us to provide quality service and work toward perfection". Your feedback is essential to our goal of providing you with the best service possible.

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Client feedback for event staffing service.

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Please fill out our form with any feedback you might have for us. We believe that it is only with continued customer feedback that we can grow and develop as a business to better serve you and your guests. Let us know what stood out for you, what you wished you had more of and what elements of our service we could improve.
Our feedback form consists of six rating questions to let us know if our staff were properly attired, if they comported themselves professionally and if they met all of your requirements, as well as if our rates were acceptable. You can include any additional comments you might have regarding our service in the comments section below.
While we can't promise that we will respond to every piece of feedback that our customers provide, we promise that we read every one, and will take any suggestions you might have under consideration. Thank you for your business and we hope to continue to serve New York City as one of the best catering staffing companies in the area.

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